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Sharp Introduces 1-Touch Washing with New Washing Machine and Dishwasher Series

Sharp Introduces 1-Touch Washing with New Washing Machine and Dishwasher Series

Posted 00:00 30 August 2018

United Kingdom 30 August 2018 Sharp Introduces 1-Touch Washing with New Washing Machine and Dishwasher Series

Be Original. Take care of the housework with one single touch of a button. With our 1-Touch Pro Series, you only have to lift a finger – quite literally- to do your laundry and your dishwashing. Our 1-Touch Pro Washing Machine and Dishwasher not only calculate and set every programme and washing requirement, but also optimize results, offering some of the fastest and most efficient cycles to date.

Intuitive Designs that You Love for the Chores You Dread

Unlike most other home appliances, 1-Touch Pro also uses the kind of intuitive touch control that you love to manage the chores you dread. Rather than offering lots of confusing buttons and dials, they come with touch control panels that clearly illustrate the programmes and functions selected.

1-Touch Pro 10Kg Washing Machine

Why spend so much time agonizing over clothes care instructions and working out the cycles you need, when, with the 1-Touch Pro Washing Machine, you only have to load your clothes and press the start button?

Sensing the textile type and weight, load size and intensity of the wash required, 1-Touch Pro will calculate and set the temperature, water and energy usage as well as the programme and amount of detergent and softener needed for every load.

As long as you wash similar colours together, you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that 1-Touch Pro will wash your clothes faster and more efficiently with its range of 15 programmes. Offering the right cycle for every load and laundry emergency, it comes with the fastest cycle on record - a 12-minute programme that can wash smaller loads at an energy saving temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

For larger loads, it’s equally effective, enabling you to wash your weekly load within the hour. The machine’s EcoLogic function will also ensure that you never waste energy, automatically adjusting the energy and water consumption as well as the programme duration whenever a half load is detected.

1-Touch Pro even offers specialist washes for 22 of the most stubborn stain types, calculating the level, type and intensity of the clean required. And with a 10Kg capacity, it can handle all the laundry you can load.

1-Touch Pro 15 Place Setting Dishwasher

Why spend time trying to work out the best cycle for your dishes, when, with 1-Touch Pro, you only have to load them and press the play icon?

Designed to optimize your wash results, 1-Touch Pro detects the type and level of cleaning required, setting the ideal energy and temperature usage as well as the perfect cycle and programme duration for every load of dishes. Sprinting through the washing up, it comes with some of the fastest programmes to date, including a 14-minute cycle to clean dishes for a family of four, and a 30-minute cycle for larger loads.

Sure to accommodate all your dishes thanks to its 15-place setting, this ultra-efficient A+++ rated dishwasher even makes loading easy. As well as offering a third tray for you to lay out your cutlery, it comes with a Three-Way Half Load function, enabling you to select which basket/s you want to use when you have fewer crockery items to clean.

For more targeted cleaning support, it’s also designed with many other original features. Functions, such as AquaGlide offer funnels, which you can manually adjust, not only to direct water upwards into the interior of glasses, baby bottles and mugs, but also downwards to ensure a more intense clean for the bottom basket.

When you require extra cleaning power, you can also count on WaterBlade. With two additional spray arms, this feature can offer more targeted cleaning for either one or both sides of the dishwasher.

With a black glass finish, this slick dishwasher is designed for stand-out appeal, offering a minimalist touch control panel that is only visible when the machine is in operation. In the same way as you would unlock a smartphone, you can slide your finger across the dishwasher’s glass control panel to open the door. But don’t worry, thanks to the child-lock, it can never be opened accidentally.

European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments, “For so long now, washing machines and dishwashers have created long, housework processes, demanding a whole sequence of time-consuming work on the part of the user. With 1-Touch Pro, we believe that we can offer a different user experience, introducing products that can break such routines by taking care of all the associated calculations and programming.

Nobody wants to stay at home studying clothes care instructions or worrying about whether or not the dishes will be properly cleaned first-time around in the dishwasher. With innovations, such as 1-Touch Pro, we’re harnessing the power of automated technology, precisely so that no-one will ever have to do so again.”