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United Kingdom 14 January 2019 Be Original. Discover a variety of cool passions in the kitchen. Why stay locked in the same cooking routine, when you could bring a little fun, a little culinary delight to your everyday kitchen experience? With our innovative 630-litre four door fridge/freezer series, you can enjoy professional and speciality features, over and above cutting-edge, day-to-day support for cooling.


Let us take you on an extraordinary gastro adventure with our TasteMaker. Whether you’re a budding amateur cook, or a relucatant meal maker, this four door American Style Fridge/freezer will enable you to concoct the kind of culinary specialities that you would normally either buy ready-made in supermarkets, or order in restaurants. What’s more, the kind of food you make is not only much more likely to have a longer shelf-life, but also a whole host of nutritional and health benefits.

So why settle for the usual bland diet, when you can use the TasteMaker to heighten and savour the flavour of your dishes? Make everything from yogurt and kefir to pickled Jalapeños and onions, and superfood vegetable dishes, such as kimchi. Or why not try your hand at making bread dough and vinegar, or even health-giving tea, kombucha, or a little home-made wine and beer?

As dynamic as your pallet, this fridge/freezer gives you the power to tap into your creativity and make whatever tickles your taste buds.

How it Works

TasteMaker is designed to bring the process of fermenting foods to the next generation of homes. Modernizing this classic practice, it makes fermenting easy, offering the ideal chilling and storage conditions to make fermented foods and beverages.

Once you have prepared your fermented dish, simply select the FermStore option from the outer display on the fridge door. This automatically activates the FermStore menu on the left-hand freezer zone, enabling you to select from 7 different fermented options – yogurt, kefir, bread dough, pickle, wine and beer. Once you have done this, TasteMaker will set the ideal temperature and time for this food or drink type, leaving you nothing more to do than store your item and press the Start button.

Tweak the Temperature

To make home-made food exactly as you like it, you can always tweak the temperature. In fact, you can change the temperature to suit other food and beverages that aren’t necessarily covered by the 7 menu options. Whatever you decide to make, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the process. TasteMaker will ferment as well as store and preserve your items, automatically switching from FermStore mode to cooling when the specified fermenting time comes to an end.

Nutritional and Health-giving Benefits

The fermentation process promotes the growth of good bacteria – that is, of probiotics, which not only aid digestion and boost the immune system, but also keep the development of bad bacteria at bay, so that food can be stored for longer. Increasing levels of naturally occurring probiotics, fermenting can actually transform everyday vegetables into superfoods that are rich in nutritional value. By breaking down natural sugars and turning them into lactic acid, the probiotic-inducing process can even help to reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance

VacPac Pro Four Door Fridge/freezer

Cool and cook like a pro. Our VacPac Pro Four Door Fridge/freezer not only gives you the power to extend the shelf-life of your food by days, but also to save space in the fridge and even to try your hand at healthier, restaurant style cooking.

Helping you to preserve food up to 8 times longer, VacPac Pro ensures that you can pack and store your food without air. All you have to do is simply place a food item into a vacuum sealer bag and then use the VacPac Pro automatic vacuum sealer to remove the air with one touch of a button. Thanks to its vacuum packing technology, you can also shrink food down to a fraction of its original size, so that more items may be fitted in the fridge.

Whatever groceries you decide to store, their taste and texture will always be perfectly preserved. By storing food in air tight bags, you can prevent the transfer of both odour and flavour. You can even prevent the natural ethylene gas produced by some fruits and vegetables from impacting and prematurely ageing other fresh items in the fridge. And this is all before VacPac Pro helps you to achieve some serious cooking goals.

Cook Like a Pro

With the support of VacPac Pro, you’re free to try out sous vide or „under the vacuum“ style cooking. Whatever your level of cooking know-how, you can cook like a champion in your own kitchen. Cook straight from fridge to hob, whilst your food items are still in their vacuum sealed bags. There’s no need to add any unhealthy oils or salt – not when you can leave your vacuum sealed meats, fish and vegetables to marinate in their own juices. Provided that you monitor the cooking temperature very precisely, your food will be cooked perfectly from edge to edge and from the inside out.

Home Dining

When you’re not creating your own home-made culinary delights and specialities, you’ll still be able to count on plenty of support for everyday dining and home entertaining. With both TasteMaker and VacPac Pro, you can double the shelf-life of even the most delicate fresh fruits and vegetables with features, such as NutriFresh.

Designed with multi-zone functionality, TasteMaker and VacPac Pro are the ideal companions for dinner parties. Giving you plenty of space for all your fresh finger food, they ensure that you can convert one or both freezer zones into extra fridge room. They also offer a built-in mini bar experience, enabling you to chill that bottle of something special in minutes with the Quick Drink function

Of the dynamic cooling range, European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments, "With these Four Door Fridge/freezers, we’re not only re-defining the role of conventional refrigeration, but also changing everyday life in the kitchen. We’re bringing more fun to this environment, enabling cooks of all abilities to break from their routines and experience new foodie-related pastimes. Most importantly, we’re doing so without cutting back on fridge space or leading-edge cooling support. In fact, in the case of both fridge/freezers, we’re actually taking cooling standards to new heights, helping to maximize the shelf-life of even the most delicate groceries."