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Sharp Launches Smart IntelliDos Washing Machine

Sharp Launches Smart IntelliDos Washing Machine

Posted 00:00 30 August 2018

United Kingdom 30 August 2018 Sharp Launches Smart IntelliDos Washing Machine

Be original. Do things differently and escape more of the housework. To save you from the never-ending cycle of doing the laundry, Sharp has developed the Smart IntelliDos 10Kg Washing Machine. This smart, all-in-one laundry solution is not only designed to re-order your preferred detergent and softener from whenever supplies run low, but also to calculate and distribute exactly the right dosage for up to 20 washes – that is up to 4 months of weekly cycles.

With Amazon Dash Replenishment, Smart IntelliDos tracks your usage and automatically orders its own replacement detergent and softener, so you never run out.

Set and then Forget the Laundry

Whilst this machine is impressive, it’s designed for you to set and then forget the laundry. To activate Dash Replenishment, register the appliance to your Amazon account, select your preferred detergent and softener, payment method and shipping address.

Load up, Pick a Programme and Go

From here on in, things become even easier, as the machine then only requires you to load up and pick a programme. No need to agonize over how much detergent and softener to use, no need to figure out the ratio between the two - not when the washing machine is made to calculate and distribute exactly the right amounts for every load.

Customized Washes

Inspired by you, this laundry service can be modified to suit your personal wash preferences. So, if you use more or less detergent and softener than average, you can adjust the settings to reflect this and the washing machine will disperse exactly those amounts. Powder or liquid detergent – you decide, IntelliDos works with them both

Whilst you may not be doing the work, you'll always be in control. If you cancel an automatic re-order, our machine will assume that you still have some detergent and softener left and will wait a further 5 days before reordering.

Be the Fastest.

No two loads are alike, but this champion machine can take on every washing challenge, offering 12-minute, lightning fast cycles as well as thorough 60-minute programmes for the weekly wash.

With a 10kg load capacity, it can handle all the clothes you can load, offering stain-fighting support for 22 stubborn soil marks, as well as an Allergy UK endorsed programme that combats numerous indoor and outdoor allergies. Thanks to its Auto Load Sensor, the machine can also calculate and set the ideal energy and water usage and programme duration for every load.