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United Kingdom 14 January 2019 Be Original. Dare to juggle more chores at once. Why let the fact that you’re hands are full stop you from completing what you set out to do in the kitchen? With our Smart Range that Works with Alexa, you can discover the benefits of hands-free voice control support. Use an Amazon Echo or Dot to talk to Alexa and control our appliances with nothing but the sound of your voice. Our range includes a 75-Litre Oven, a Four Door Fridge/freezer, 15 Place Setting Dishwasher and 10Kg Washing Machine.

75-Litre Smart Oven that Works with Alexa

Find out how you can make life easy with our trend-setting Smart Oven that Works with Alexa. For example, if you’re online completing a purchase and you receive a text to say that the family will be home early, don‘t stop what you’re doing and risk losing the item in your basket. Just ask Alexa to activate the oven’s Boost function. You can cut down pre-heat times by as much as 50% to ensure that the family roast will be ready in time.

When you’re following instructions from a recipe book, it’s easier to programme the oven, hands-free. Whether you want to cook, grill and brown your dishes or use the Pizza function for baking, just ask Alexa.

And remember that you have an amazing 150 autocooking options to choose from if you should be in dire need of any culinary inspiration. Giving you permision to cheat your way to culinary success, these functions can be voice-controlled using Alexa. With just a couple of voice commands, you can automatically set the ideal temperature, programme and cooking duration for a whole host of bang-on-trend international dishes.

Smart Four Door American Style Fridge/freezer that Works with Alexa Even when your arms are full of groceries, you can still begin the process of preserving them. Ask Alexa to set the Super Cool mode, so that, when your fresh items do hit the fridge, they can reach their optimum storage temperature much more quickly. If you should have more fresh than frozen groceries, then why not also ask Alexa to convert one or both of your freezer zones into additional fridge room?

As you finish tidying up the kitchen for the evening, make one more request. Call on Alexa to chill that bottle of something extra special. With our Quick Drink feature, bottles and cans can be chilled in minutes.

Thanks to features, such as AdvancedNoFrost, there’s much less work for you to do. For example, you won’t have to defrost this supermodel regularly. With two separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer, it’s not only designed to keep both compartments frost and odour-free, but also to reduce the humidity loss, so that the fresh taste and texture of your groceries can be preserved.

15 Place Setting Smart Dishwasher that Works with Alexa Once the meal is over and you have stacked the dishes in the dishwasher, your evening can finally begin. Why not skip a little more of the work by asking Alexa to start the dishwasher while you sit back on the sofa?

If you’re in a hurry and want your dishes to be cleaned in next to no time, then call on Alexa to set our record-breaking 14-minute cycle. Letting you sprint your way through the dishwashing, this programme washes dishes for families of four. If you need more washing power, then make the request for our half hour cycle to be selected, or alternatively for our powerful 50-minute wash to be activated.

10Kg Smart Washing Machine that Works with Alexa For any unforseen last-minute laundry emergencies, you can also count on our Smart Washing Machine that Works with Alexa. As you clear up the dining table, why not make a start on washing your shirt for work? Call on Alexa to start our 12 minute cycle, so that it will be dry and ready to wear first thing in the morning.

If you have to wash out a few, tough chocolate stains from the kids‘ jumpers, then why not ask Alexa to select the targeted wash option for chocolate soil marks? This is just one of 22 specialist stain-fighting options that you can use with our StainMaster function.

You can even ask Alexa to activate the NightWash feature to ensure super-quiet operation during the evening. Automatically delaying the noisier spin part of the cycle for up to ten hours, this handy function lowers the machine’s operational sound level.

Talk to Alexa and automatically programme the machine to set our award-winning AllergySmart programme. Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, this cycle helps to keep a whole host of indoor and outdoor allergies at bay. Use it as part of your allergy-busting routine and tackle everything from hay fever to allergies caused by mould, dust, fungi and pet hair.

Our Smart all-in-one laundry solution helps with more than just the washing. In fact, our champion machine is not only designed to re-order your preferred detergent and softener from, but also to calculate and distribute exactly the right dosage for up to 20 washes - that is up to 4 months of weekly cycles.

With Amazon Dash Replenishment, it tracks your usage and automatically orders its own replacement detergent and softener, so you never run out.

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European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments, "Introducing the benefits of hands-free voice controlled operation to more homes, this range has the potential to transform daily routines. Making it easier to multi-task, the collection is designed to support busy families, letting everyone access the latest programmes and features, even when they have their hands full. Alexa is part of the fabric of the next generation of smart homes. It therefore makes absolute sense for us to ensure that our smart appliances are compatible with it"