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United Kingdom 5 September 2019 Sharp Announces Plans to Launch Innit-enabled Smart Oven

Be Original. Have your say and cook your way. Take home an ultra-efficient oven that is entirely in sync

with your tastes and your way of life. Giving you the chance to up your game in the kitchen, our A-rated,

78-Litre Love2Cook Smart Oven not only enables you to cheat your way to culinary success, but also to

customise recipes according to personal dietary requirements with the world’s first connected cooking

platform, Innit.

78-Litre Love2Cook Smart Oven

Built to help you cook without limitations, Love2Cook realizes the potential of budding chefs, offering ten

cooking functions as well as a suite of professional style cooking accessories, including our RoastPro

Turnspit, which ensures even cooking results, and our RoastPro Digital Meat Probe, which promises

unbeatable heating precision.

Any time that you have your hands full, remember that you can always count on Love2Cook for hands-

free voice control. You can link the oven to the Google Assistant and Alexa, only having to use a Google

Home or an Amazon Alexa Built-in device to control the oven with your voice.

This champion oven will even support you in a cooking crisis, enabling you to avoid wasting time and

energy on any unfortunate culinary mishaps. Offering an incredible 150 autocooking recipe functions,

which can each be voice control activated, Love2Cook gives you a free cooking pass, automatically

setting the ideal programme, duration and temperature for any one of these chef-inspired recipes.

Integrated Cooking App, Innit

Why spend time guessing how to adapt recipes according to personal likes and dislikes, and dietary do‘s

and don’ts, when Integrated cooking application Innit can do this for you?

Together, Innit and Love2Cook enable you to cook for everyone from the fussiest of eaters to vegans

and vegetarians as well as food allergy sufferers.

Taking the concept of meal kits to the next level, Innit adapts and personalises recipes in real time. With

a database full of thousands of modular recipes that can be changed into countless different versions,

Innit is able to recommend dishes, making substitutions for ingredients as well as all the necessary

adjustments to cooking times and conditions.To optimise energy efficiency and ensure professional style

culinary results, Innit will not only tweak cooking settings to suit Love2Cook, but also automatically set

the ideal temperature, cooking mode, and oven time for every selected recipe. Innit will even orchestrate

multiple dishes in the same oven, so that every part of the meal is ready and hot at the same time.

Your Innit Food Profile

Once you have created your Innit dietary profile, detailing your own and family members’ requirements,

you can rely on the app to help you beat every cooking challenge, no matter how few ingredients you

have left in your fridge, or how demanding your dinner guests are. If you have some leftover ingredients

in the fridge, why not search Innit for a little recipe inspiration? Or, if you have an unexpected dinner

guest with a whole host of dietary requirements, just update your food profile to find the ideal recipe. And

if you add details such as your weight, height and activity level to it, you can even count on Innit to help

you maintain a calorie-controlled diet.

Whatever dish you decide to make, you can always be sure of a seamless connected cooking

experience. Enjoy guidance and support from when you select your personalised recipe right the way

through to the cooking process itself when you are ready to cook your dish.

Hands-free Voice Control

When you register Love2Cook on our Sharp Smart app, you can link to the Google Assistant or Alexa

and enjoy hands-free voice control. If you have a Google Nest Hub, you can access Innit for hands-free

cooking instructions, stream thousands of step-by-step videos, and send cooking programs to your

Love2Cook oven, all without having to wash your hands or step away from the chopping board. If you

happen to miss a cooking step, don’t worry, with the Google Nest Hub, you can always scroll back and

watch it again.

Of the launch, European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments “For us, this

integration provides the missing link between world-class cooking know-how and cutting-edge oven

technology, enabling cooks of all abilities to save time and energy and make the most of their Sharp

smart oven. Normally when the cooking starts, the culinary support stops, but with the Innit app,

everyone can count on uninterrupted guidance right the way through to when their dish is cooked. We

believe that smart cooking should be a personal experience, a chance to make dishes your way. With

Innit, every dietary requirement, every individual like and dislike becomes a new opportunity to

experiment with yet more flavours and ingredients.”

Chief Executive Officer of Innit, Kevin Brown, adds, “Many people want to cook more healthy meals at

home, but they lack the time, skills, and confidence to try new dishes. We created Innit to serve as sort

of a Culinary GPS system, starting with personalized guidance to customize meals based on your diet,

helpful step-by-step videos to keep you on track, and automated cooking to eliminate the guesswork and

get great results. Working with Sharp, we’ve lab tested Love2Cook ovens extensively, and developed

one-click cooking programs to turn out restaurant quality meals at home in under an hour, even on a

Tuesday night.”

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